10 things you should know about the 'Call Money' Sex Scandal


10 things you should know about the ‘Call Money’ sex scandal

1. The term ‘Call Money‘ means money-on-demand, meaning, the borrower has to repay the lender in a very short span of time and when ever he asks for it.
2. It was a 600 crore prostitution ring in Vijayawada that was masked in ‘Call Money’ lending
3. Under this scheme, people could take generous loans ranging from a few thousands to several lakhs of rupees.
Call Money Sex Scandal
4. The time to repay the loan is very small, ranging from one day to three days.
5. The interest rates were exorbitant. For example, one borrower had to repay 1 lakh rupees in the evening, for taking 80,000 rupees on the same morning.
6. If the borrowers defaulted on repaying the money, they were forcefully involved into prostitution until they repaid the money.
7. Several women were thus dragged into this ring. The women had to satisfy the needs of the customers/clients that the lender would bring to them.
8. Sometimes, the lenders would even have to give out their own place for this activities. One woman gave her house for this activities without the knowledge of her husband.
9. The ring was brought into light, when one woman and her daughter were dragged into high-profile prostitution for borrowing money.
10. Several MLAs, Ministers and other politicians are said to be involved in this ring.