Facebook to Launch Its Own Satellite to Beam Free Internet to Africa


Facebook CEO Mark made an announcement that the social network partnered with French satellite provider Eutelsat Communications to provide free Internet to several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Facebook has revealed its secret plan to launch a $500 Million Satellite by 2016 in order to provide Free or cheap Internet access in the developing nations.


“Facebook’s mission is to connect the world and we believe that satellites will play an important role in addressing the significant barriers that exist in connecting the people of Africa,” said Chris Daniels, the vice president of Internet.org, a project that Facebook and other partners launched in 2013.

“We are going to keep working to connect the entire world even if that means looking beyond our planet,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in a blog post.


For Facebook, this satellite system represents one of many technology investments to enable cost-effective broadband access to unconnected populations. It plans to work with local partners across Africa to utilize satellite and terrestrial capacity to deliver services to rural areas.

Using state-of-the-art satellite technology, Eutelsat and Facebook will each deploy Internet services designed to relieve pent-up demand for connectivity from the many users in Africa beyond range of fixed and mobile terrestrial networks. “Satellite networks are well suited to economically connecting people in low to medium density population areas and the high throughput satellite architecture of AMOS-6 is expected to contribute to additional gains in cost efficiency”