Google's New logo: Search Gaint Unveils New Flatter Logo For Mobile World


Google has revealed a new logo, smoothing the text into a new image that it says can more easily read on tiny screens. The revised design unveiled Tuesday features the same mix of blue, red, yellow and green.The new logo has already appeared on the homepage, with a little animation that wipes away the old logo and replaces it with the new one.


This is the sixth time that Google changed its logo. Google changed multiple times over ladt 17 years, and that it would ;like to change now again. But it new logo not just for the google of today but for the Google of future. Google believes its new logo will provide a more versatile identity suited “for a world of seamless computing across an endless number of devices,” the company said in a Tuesday blog post.


The overhaul also will change the appearance of the letter “g” that Google uses as its shorthand logo on the smaller screens of smartphones and other mobile devices. The “g” will now be capitalized and displayed in color instead of being kept lowercase and white.


A swirl of dots in Google’s colors will also appear when a spoken command for information is being processed or one of the company’s other services is performing a task.

Watch Video Below: