It's Bleeding Rapes In Delhi : Capital Shame : Who Is To Blame


Though many debates have taken place regarding the rising violence and rapes (especially rapes of minor girls) in the capital city and also all over India , still there seems to be no change in the way people, politicians and police perceive the threat. As soon as a violent rape occurs, half the time is wasted on blaming the Government and the police over the incidents. Time is ripe for people to understand that police (in numbers) are not strong enough to protect each and every individual of our country. There is no use blaming the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, or the police forces in Delhi for the rape that has happened in your area. The system as a whole will take time to change for the better if and only if each one of us stop blaming others, be alert of all dangers that surround us and take necessary safety precautions to safe guard the weak and vulnerable (especially children) in our society. Alerting the police of any doubtful activities in your area will add to your safety. Today also is a shocking day in history as two minors have been raped in the Delhi, the parents being totally unaware of the moment of their child. The first to blame are the Parents, then the neighbors and then the whole system in the country.

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A week after the horrific rape and torture of a four-year-old girl in Delhi, two more cases of minor girls being gang-raped have been reported from the capital. Both the girls have suffered severe injuries and are in critical condition.

In the first case, a two-and-a-half-year-old girl was raped allegedly by two men who abducted her on a motorbike from outside her house in west Delhi’s Nangloi area on Friday. Neighbours later found her lying unconscious at a nearby park. She was profusely bleeding.

The girl’s mother has claimed that her daughter was abducted while she was watching a ramleela performance near her house. “My girl was watching ramleela when there was a power cut. That is when they kidnapped her,” she said.

The girl has suffered severe damage to her private parts and has bites marks on her body, said Swati Maliwal, the chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women who visited her today. “Woke up to 2 incidents of gangrape of a 2.5 year old n 5 year old. Bleeding not stopping for 2.5 year old. On way to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital (sic),” she had posted on Twitter this morning.

No arrests have been made in the case so far.

The same day, a five-year-old was raped allegedly by three men in east Delhi’s Anand Vihar area. The girl was reportedly alone at home when one of the accused, her neighbor, took her to his house and then allegedly raped her along with his friends.

Her neighbours saw her coming out of the accused’s house and informed the police. “She was crying and her clothes were soaked with blood,” one of them has told police. All three accused have been arrested.