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 02-September-2015 Concatenated Latest News Wednesday 02/09/2015
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ARIES (21Mar-20Apr) TAURUS (21Apr-21May) GEMINI (22May-21-June) CANCER (22Jun-22Jul) LEO (23Jul-22Aug) VIRGO (23Aug-22Sep) LIBRA (23Sep-23Oct) SCORPIO (24Oct-22Nov) SAGITTARIUS (23Nov-21Dec) CAPRICORN (22Dec-20Jan) AQUARIUS (21Jan-18Feb) PISCES (19Feb-20Mar)

Birthdays Of Famous Personalities Today 02/09/2015 Wednesday 02-September-2015 From naradha.in

  1. Indian Film Actor Pawan Kalyan Celebrates his birthday today
  2. Indian Cricketer Ishanth Sharma Celebrates His Birthday Today
  3. Indian Business Tycoon Laksmi Mittal Celebrates his birthday today

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US Open 2015: Andy Murray beats Nick Kyrgios in first round

Murray, seeded third, came through 7-5 6-3 4-6 6-1 against the brilliant but unpredictable 20-year-old.The Scot’s experience told as he broke serve seven times to win in two hours and 43 minutes. Murray, 28, goes on to face Frenchman Adrian Mannarino in round two on Thursday. “It was tough and I had to do a lot of running in very humid conditions,” said Murray. “I’m getting old now – 28 years old. I need to get in the ice bath and cool off a bit.” Read More


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1. Day 7: Indrani & Peter Mukerjea Questioned at Khar Police Station

Strike hits normal life; Bengal, Kerala among most affected

Normal life was affected in various parts of the country, including West Bengal, Tripura, Kerala and Karnataka, as 10 central trade unions today went on a day-long nationwide strike to protest against changes in labour laws and privatisation of PSUs. Trade union leaders claimed that around 15 crore formal sector workers are on strike in support of their 12-point charter of demands. BJP-backed BMS and NFITU however stayed away from the strike. The strike affected transport, banking operations and other services in various parts of the country. Read More

Migrant crisis: Thousands arrive in mainland Greece

Thousands of migrants are arriving in mainland Greece as the government prepares for talks on tackling the huge number of people reaching its shores. Two ships carrying more than 4,200 people travelled to Piraeus port at night after leaving Lesbos island. The whole EU is struggling to deal with an unprecedented influx of migrants. Hundreds of people, mostly from the Middle East, remain stranded outside a railway station in Hungary after police stopped them travelling through the EU. Read More

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In Major Move, Small Oil and Gas Fields to be Auctioned to Private Firms

In a hefty economic reform, the government has announced that it will, for the first time, auction 69 small and marginal oil and gas fields surrendered by state-run explorers like ONGC. The government hopes to raise Rs 70,000 crores from the sale, said Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. The government expects private companies to boost output from the areas that hold resources of more than $10 billion. Read More

Analysts say there is not much of doom or gloom in Indian market

Fear of slowdown in global growth, and devaluation of yuan by China are some of the factors that led to flight of funds out of equities. August 2015 turned out to be quite volatile for the equity markets globally, and September is unlikely to bring any positive surprise. The major events that investors across the globe will be watching are the outcome of the of the US Federal Reserve meet, which is due on Sep 16-17, and monetary policy review by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Septe .. Read More

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2.Live Stock Market Updates Here @ Money Control

1.Live Stock Market Updates Here @ Economic Times

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  1. Gold Rates Live
  2.  Silver Prices Live
  3.  Platinum Prices Live

Latest Cinema news Today 02/09/2015 Wednesday 02-September-2015 Trailers, Teasers, Movie Reviews, Box Office collections News Concatenated @ naradha.in

1. Birthday Quiz: Just how well do you know Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan?

As Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan turns 44 on September 2, we test your knowledge on him! Read More.

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Math-letes rule! Fit, healthy kids do better in school, especially math

The familiar saying that exercise is good for the body and mind may be especially true for children. Kids who are physically fit actually have differences in their brain structures that might allow them to do better in math, according to a new study. Researchers put a small group of children ages 9 and 10 to the test both mentally, with standardized math and reading exams, and physically, testing their endurance on a treadmill. They also scanned their brains using MRI and found that the children who could run for longer periods of time on the treadmill had thinner sections of gray matter in the front of their brains, which actually signifies more brain maturation, than those with lower stamina. These children also ran laps around their less fit peers in the math test. Read More

Is Obesity Risk ‘Hardwired’ in the Brain?

Some people become obese because their cravings for food are built-in, according to new research. Australian and Spanish research teams came to their conclusions using MRI brain scans to investigate people’s responses to pictures of food. They found that a food craving activates different brain networks in obese people compared to those at a normal weight. More than one-third of U.S. adults are considered obese. The scientists say the risk of obesity may be tied to the brain, which could also explain why some people have more trouble losing weight and sticking to diets.
Read More

Hate Hangovers? Then Don’t Drink Too Much

Since people first started drinking alcohol, the search has been on for a way to go heavy on the pour but light on the hangover. Unfortunately, two new drinking surveys suggest that search is probably futile. One poll, conducted in Canada, concluded that if you drink to excess, you’re going to have a hangover — no ifs, ands, or buts. Read More

Latest Technology News Today 02/09/2015 Wednesday 02-September-2015 Concatenated @ naradha.in

1. HTC Announces Smartphone Launch for Sunday, Rumoured Aero A9 Expected

Last month we saw an image showing the rumoured HTC Aero A9 (aka HTC One A9 or HTC Hero) smartphone compared side-by-side with an Apple iPhone 6. Now, HTC has announced a smartphone launch for Sunday, and the Taiwanese firm is expected to launch the rumoured Aero A9 smartphone. The teaser image posted by HTC on its Weibo account shows the outline of the smartphone, followed by text in Chinese tipping a ‘superior, handsome’ top-end smartphone. Read More

2. Nextbit Robin Launched, the First ‘Cloud-First’ Android Smartphone

Nextbit, a mobile company that boasts of veterans from Apple, Google, and HTC on its team, has unveiled its much-anticipated reasonably priced first Android smartphone, Robin. The device offers flagship stature specifications and is being sold through a Kickstarter campaign. In August, Nextbit announced that it plans to launch a “fri**in awesome” smartphone, and the company is trying to keep up with that promise. Robin is aimed at addressing one of the most annoying issues we have on our smartphones: limited storage. Nextbit tackles that problem by leveraging a cloud-based storage solution. Read More


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Important Events That Happened On This Day Today 02/09/2015 Wednesday 02-September-2015 In History Concatenated @ naradha.in

2-September-1573 Akbar won the war near Ahmedabad and captured Gujrat.
2-September-1894 Vinayak Mishra, famous Oriya litterateur, critic and historian, was born.
2-September-1911 Chamaklal Dahyabhai Vyas, great poet, was born at Gujarat, Vyara.
2-September-1918 Datta Deshmukh, water expert and President of `Lalnishan Party’, was born.
2-September-1946 Jawaharlal Nehru, was sworn in as the Prime Minister of the Interim Government of Undivided india, against Partition.
2-September-1946 Pratham Chaudhary (Birbal), modern Bengali poet and critic, passed away.
2-September-1947 Gandhiji is mobbed in Calcutta house; gives up idea of Noakhali visit. Peace efforts intensified.
2-September-1956 Collapse of a RR bridge under a train kills 120 (India).
2-September-1960 Dr. Shankar Purushottam Adharkar, famous Botanist in India, passed away.
2-September-1970 Parliament abolishes the privileges of 279 maharajahs in New Delhi.
2-September-1970 President V. V. Giri inaugurated, Vivekanand Rock Memorial’ at Kanyakumari.
2-September-1976 Vishnu Sakharam Khandekar, famous marathi story writer, novelist and Gyanpeeth Awardee, passed away.
2-September-1984 Thousands of Sikhs rally at Golden Temple to protest govt. occupation in Amritsar.
2-September-1992 Delhi High Court indicts CBI in Bofors case; FIR and letters rogatory quashed.
2-September-1992 Shripad Deshpande, senior journalist, passed away.
2-September-1993 Vice Admiral V.S. Shekhawat appointed new naval chief.
2-September-1996 Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand beats Garry Kasparov in Rapid Chess tournament in Geneva.
2-September-1998 Nishant, the pilotless training aircraft developed by DRDO, is successfully flown from Chandipore.