Two Tirupati SVU Consumer Stores Employees Suspended


A male clerk and a female sweeper (employees) of the Sri Venkateshwara University Tirupati consumers co-operative stores were caught redhanded when they were in a compromising position. This act of the employees of the Sri Venkateshwara University has also been recorded on Surveilance Closed circuit cameras. This vulgar incident took place many days back and has come to light only few days back when the authorities were checking the closed circuit surveilance camera recording based on certain complaints on the vulgar behaviour of  these two employees. Both the employees were suspended with immediate effect. The details of the incident are as follows..

sri venkateshwara university tirupati consumer co-operativestores employees sackedA Clerk Was Caught Red Handed In A Compromising Position With A Female Sweeper In Sri Venkateshwara University Cooperative Consumer Stores.

Both The Employees Were Suspended Immediatly When The Incident Came to Light By The President Of the SVU Consumer Co-operative Stores

A clerk who is working at the Indane Gas Office Godown of the Sri Venkateshwara University Cooperative Stores was found in a objectionable and compromising position with a women sweeper of the same gas godown. There were many complaints against the objectionable behaviour of these two employees in the past and these complaints were seriously taken by the SVU consumer store authorities. This matter came to light when there was a routine check of the cc tv survielance camera recording by the staff in the presence of the president (Janakiramiah) and other directors of the Sri Venkateshwara University.

After confirming from the cc tv footage that persons involved were emploees of the stores, the President of the SVU consumer co-operative stores Mr. Janakiramiah took the decission to suspend both the employees with immediate effect. It is also learnt that the clerk who was suspended is now politically influencing the SVU consumer co-operative stores authorities to reinstate him back to the job. The student union opon learning about the political angle in to the incident have demanded that both the employees be permanently dismissed fromtheir services. News Source – Telugu One India