Useful Best Android Apps For 2015


The best Android apps are available this month for chatting , video editing and instant sharing in social media. The more features are added to this latest apps. We will continue to update this page for best Android apps. The following apps are free  ones.

kanvas Keyboard
Kanvas Keyboard is a fun and nice keyboard that you can use for writing messages and sending cute texts. It has all the tools that you need to make your keyboard unique.


pin tasking open beta
Pin Tasking is very small app for Android, Its basic purpose of use is to the left or right screen edge for easy access. You can customization the look, feel, and behaviour of the pins. you can easily adjust the distance to edge and auto remove.


Trepn profiler
Trepn profiler is useful for on-target power and performance profilling application for mobile device. The main features are Displays the battery power, easily view GPU and CPU frequency utilization, but this feature is only available for Snapdragon-powered devices.


Castro app is looking so good. Basically it shows the detailed information about CPU, Kernel, BAttery, Memory, andNetwork modules.


Google Handwriting Input
Google launched this google handwriting input which allows users to write text and also support draw an emoji’s on the screen then it get displayed on the screen. This tool supports total 82 languages in 20 distnict scripts. The main featured added to this app ” voice input is an option”.

Google -Hand-writing-input-tool

it is a new Dating app with over one million members. this is for who want to meet new people in the world. Post a date, get connected, and go out.


Wordeo messenger
Wordeo app is a video app to create a video with mix of favorite  music and then share with your friends.


Rif is simple app integrated with Facebook messenger. App helps to create video, Say something about video instantly to share it.


Funny or die
Funny or Die app tagline is “Real wheather .Real Funny”. This app combines humour with serious wheather information.The app, which is available for andriod mobile devices, features “accurate weather and original comedy,”.


Dubsmash is a mobile app to create short selfie videos dubbed with famous sounds. This app available for all andriod devices. It is very easy tool to create your with simple steps.