Video: A Cricket Match in Bermuda Turns into WWE


The gentleman’s game went for a toss during a cricket match featuring Cleveland County Cricket Club and Willow Cuts Cricket Club in Bermuda, with the Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB), as a result, handing a life ban to wicketkeeper Jason Anderson.


Anderson, at the end of an over, started an argument with batsman, George O’Brien, who was initially not getting physical, but later also decided to wrestle him, after being aggressively challenged and punched. O’Brien also swung his bat wildy, but Anderson luckily ducked under. The situation could have turned a lot more nasty, if not for the policemen, players and officials, who sprinted onto the pitch to stop the brawl.

The BCB came up with a statement, “We condemn this act without reservation and support the Bermuda Police Service, the Bermuda Cricket Board of Control as well as the Willow Cuts and Cleveland County Clubs as they seek to end this irrational behavior on our sporting grounds and community.”

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